Self Help

Have you ever wanted to just stop feeling a certain way?


Are you willing to risk your life on a superstition?


How do you really know the best strategy for investing your money?

YA Romance

How much control can you live with?

YA SciFi

How long would it take you to adjust to life as a ruler on a new planet?

Contemporary Culture

Are there people who speak a language of gender that is confusing to you?

Bilingual French

Would you trust a man with a blue beard?

Cozy Mystery

When something is amiss, how do you decide who to confide in?


Who is that one person that always makes you smile?

Thoughtful, vivacious,
and bubbly…like the
candy in the box!

Laura Schreiber
Audiobook Narrator

Winner of the “Miss Explain In Detail Award” in preschool, Laura has always been a natural born narrator. A professional trained actress, her effusive and bubbly personality brings stories to life, from RomCom and YA to Self-Help. Laura has been narrating full-time for many years. With a graduate degree in history from Columbia, Laura’s a language junky who is fluent in French and proficient in Hebrew. Laura can sound like a charming teenager or a hip-young mom, and working with her feels like you’ve cast that cute and super fun girl-next-door whom you’ve always known.

When she is not in her booth, Laura is a busy mom to teenage twins, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a Silver Lab. On weekends Laura is likely feeding her shoe habit or stuffing her face with Jersey fudge.

Laura records in her home studio in a custom built booth on an iMac desktop with Neumann TLM 103, UAD Apollo MK II Thunderbolt preamp, and Twisted Wave.

Genres I Love:

  • Teen & Young Adult
  • Children’s
  • RomCom
  • Cozy Mystery
  • History
  • Self Help
  • Health & Wellness
If you are looking for someone who is easy to work with and passionate about her recording every time she steps in the booth, Laura is perfect for your next title!
Laura Schreiber Narrates - Female Voiceover Artist & Narration
Inside the booth Laura has:
  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103
  • Apollo MK II Thunderbolt
  • iMac via Studio Monitor with Twisted Wave
  • Beyer Dynamic Headphones
Outside the booth, Laura has an office set up with:
  • iMac Desktop
  • Sennheiser Headphones
Source Elements - Laura Schreiber Narrates
WOVO Approved Studio - Laura Schreiber Narrates

Laura Schreiber is a pleasure to work with and very professional. Plus, she has an excellent voice.

Margy Bauman, University Press Audiobooks

Laura is amazing. Her work really brought one of our stories to life. Currently, we have a project we are finishing up with her in mind. I thoroughly recommend her audiobook services.

Dr. Tyra Hodge, Hodge Publishing

Laura did a fantastic job narrating our Magic Eight Name and Password Flipper book. If you’re looking for a natural and passionate voice talent you’re going to want to hire her! Thanks Laura, keep up the great work!

Joe DeMare, Author

Laura answers every correspondence with a smile and a prompt reply. In addition to RUSH jobs and quick turnarounds, guided sessions are available and Laura works hard to make every project perfect. Do not hesitate to call or email anytime 🙂 The one exception to this is erotica. Should you need someone for adult content, all the best to you, Laura is not your gal, do not reach out.



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    Laura Schreiber Female Voice Over Talent

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